La Bataille pour la Prusse 1806

Citizens and Counter-Revolutionaries Alike!.....Marshal Enterprises, the company that first brought the La Bataille system to the wargaming world,  is pleased to announce that its new Fall 2017 release, La Bataille Pour La Prusse 1806, will be available for sale starting Sunday August 27.  It will be shipped October 1...This release includes four separate games recreating the major battles in the 1806 campaign of the Empire of the French against the Kingdom of Prussia in Central Germany.  The four games include : La Bataille de Saalfeld; La Bataille d’Hassenhausen (Davout’s epic battle with the Duke of Brunswick); La Bataille de Jena; and La Bataille d’ Halle.  La Bataille d’ Halle is the 2011 winner of the Charles Roberts Award for best print and play game.

Only 400 copies of this game will be published.